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Dedicated and Fast Signal Processing (FPGA & DSP)

Signal Processing/Technologies for precision signal acquisition and fast signal processing. - Dedicated and Fast Signal Processing (FPGA & DSP)

NetModule applies application specific technologies for fast signal acquisition and processing.

Signal Acquisition and Generation

The physical world is analog. Designing analog input and output circuits requires special skills. Challenges are:

  • Noise and drift when small signals are measured: temperature, pressure, etc.
  • Clock jitter and distortion effects with analog to digital and digital to analog conversion
  • Reliable operation over temperature range 

FPGA Technologies

Field Programmable Gate Arrays are extremely powerful for high-speed signal processing and at the same time highly flexible and easy to extend. Learn more >

Embedded Processor Platform

Close coupling of a processor system (PS) with programmable logic  (PL) provides a powerful platform for signal processing and system management.
Learn more >

Programmable DSP

This is the technology of choice for the implementation of complex algorithms.

  • Encoder/Decoder
  • Audio signal processing and mixing 

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