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Router Licenses

Server License

The NetModule Router Software supports OpenVPN for creating VPN connections over encrypted TLS. OpenVPN uses either UDP or TCP for transportation.
A maximum of four OpenVPN instances can be configured on a NetModule router, of which one can be a server instance. This means either four clients can be configured or three clients and one server.
If an OpenVPN server instance is configured on the router, a maximum of ten clients can connect to this server. With the Server License, the maximum number of clients can be increased to 25.
The following features are also available with the server license:

  • DynDNS Server
  • MobileIP Home Agent
  • MobileIP Mobile Node

Virtualization License

The Virtualization License allows you to install and run Linux Containers (LXC).
LXC is a way to run several isolated Linux systems or applications on one host at operating system level. LXC, unlike other systems, does not use virtual machines for virtualization. LXC creates a virtual environment with its own processes, but it uses the kernel of the host system.
These Linux containers separate customer applications and router functionalities very effectively from each other, thus ensuring the safe operation of both.

Voice License

With the Voice License and matching hardware, NetModule routers can also act as voice gateways for VoIP telephony (Voice over IP). Thus, calls made over the mobile network can be connected to VoIP clients through the NetModule router and vice versa.

The following table provides information about the number of simultaneous voice channels:

Order Numbers

Here you find the order numbers for the licenses. Please note that not each license is available for each product.