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broncolor® Siros

Successstory Bron/ - broncolor® Siros

Unbeatable flash - reliable and intuitive handling


broncolor is the de facto standard when it comes to high-end studio lighting solutions for professional photographers.

The new compact Siros device combines unbeatable flash- and super-fast charging times with reliable and intuitive handling. The brand new bronControl smartphone application lets the photographers control multiple devices using tablets or smartphones - convenient and simple. Photographers can thus concentrate on their work. 


NetModule provides professional design services and consultancy for embedded systems. Our specific domain know-how for wired and wireless communication systems guarantees high quality solutions and a fast time-to-market.

NetModule was in charge of the following tasks:

  • Advice with wireless technology expertise to define a product strategy.
  • Qualify wireless modules based on hardware, software and commercial fitness.
  • Design a robust communication protocol that allows flexible network topologies with minimal configuration effort.
  • Implement a scalable and robust communication solution on various platforms.
  • Deploy the platform independent middleware on system controller and the smartphone platforms.


For outdoor applications, just power-up your Siros devices and they will automatically establish an Ad-hoc WLAN network. Connecting to this network with your smartphone or tablet is a breeze. In your studio, you can easily connect all your Siros devices to an existing WLAN infrastructure.

The applied Ad-hoc WLAN technology supports a simple and intuitive operation without the need of entering lengthy network names and keys.

All the basic functions of Siros can be operated using the bronControl application. As soon as Siros is associated with the WiFi network, each device is clearly identified by different-colored LEDs and can be controlled using a smartphone or tablet.

Mario Borer, CTO, Bron Elektronik


The WiFi interface brings a new dimension of usability for photographers: broncolor® Siros interacts directly with smartphones, tablets or laptops. In addition this technology opens up new business areas for Bron Elektronik.

The project has been successfully completed thanks to a cooperation between NetModule, Gainspan Corp. and Bron Elektronik. NetModule's smart ideas and expertise in wireless communication and embedded software were the key success factors for this project.

Mario Borer, CTO, Bron Elektronik

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