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Success Stories

Success Stories/A collection of success stories. Projects realized by NetModule and its customers.  - Success Stories

A collection of success stories: Projects realized by NetModule and its partners

FaSTDa-Racing Darmstadt – Data transmission out of the vehicle

FaSTDa-Racing from Darmstadt is the Formula Student Team of the University of Darmstadt. Next season, NetModule will take a ride in the newest racing car and supplying the latest vehicle data via LTE.

Carrosserie HESS AG – SwissTrolley plus

 The "SwissTrolley plus", an all-electric vehicle with space for around 160 passengers, has been running on the lines of Zurich's public transport services since the beginning of 2017. Also on board of the innovative trolleybus is an NB2800 router of NetModule.

Starkstrom Augsburg – IoT in a Race Car

The fully electrically powered 4WD race car of „Starkstrom Augsburg e.V.“provides it’s live telemetry data online using the NB800. Therefore, the LTE network is used and not the at the events of formula student often overloaded 2,4 GHz WiFi.

Peter Guebeli – Internet at Sea

The boat owner Peter Guebeli equipped his ship with an NB800. The router provides a reliable Internet access for important on-board devices such as the navigation system.

BRC Ansbach – Connected Command Vehicle

The command vehicle of the support group for the emergency medical command team of the Bavarian Red Cross has been modernized. NetModule has provided a NB2710 router, which is now used as the heart of the communication solution.

Reitter Wasserkraft – Remote Monitoring

Reitter Wasserkraft operates and manages hydroelectric power stations on rivers in Southern Germany and South Tyrol. The company successfully uses the industrial NB1600 routers of NetModule for remote monitoring.

SWEG – WiFi for Passengers on the Ortenau-S-Bahn

Since September 2015, the passengers of the SWEG on the railway lines of the Ortenau-S-Bahn can enjoy free WiFi. This project was realized with the devices of NetModule

SVG – Free WiFi in the Bus

Since September 2016, each of the 23 regular service busses including one e-bus of the German North Sea island Sylt is equipped with free WiFi. The public transport company of Sylt, the Sylter Verkehrsgesellschaft (SVG), implemented this project with the routers of the NetModule.

Stahl Computertechnik GmbH – WiFi in Public Transport

Since October 2015, the passengers of the municipal services of Augsburg can enjoy the pleasure of free WiFi in more than 70 buses and 20 trams. This project was realized with the expertise of Stahl Computertechnik GmbH and the devices of NetModule.

Stadtwerke Ansbach – Free WiFi for Passengers

Stadtwerke Ansbach took a leading role in Germany and is now one of the first transport companies which offer free WiFi to their passengers. For this service, the company successfully uses the routers of NetModule.

REMTEC AG – Remote Management

For 35 years the REMTEC AG has been planning, developing and implementing measurement and control systems, for example for water supply and road traffic. The company successfully uses the devices of the NB1600 product line of NetModule for their projects.

Jungfrau Railways

Jungfrau Railways communicate over multiple LTE and WLAN networks with NetModule's NB3710 which offers maximum functionality in one compact device

Bron Elektronik

broncolor is the de facto standard when it comes to high-end studio lighting solutions for professional photographers. The new compact Siros device combines unbeatable flash- and super-fast charging times with reliable and intuitive handling.
NetModule helped to equip the Siros device with WiFi

E.I. Medical Imaging Ibex®

For the development of the new ibex ultrasonic scanner, E.I. Medical Imaging has commissioned NetModule to develop FPGA-based signal processing.

Phoenix Contact

Phoenix Contact provides products for the secure automation of power systems by building a robust network infrastructure according to IEC 61850-3/IEEE 1613. The Ethernet redundancy modules (FL RED 2003E PRP and FL RED 2001E PRP 2LC) enable parallel redundancy without switch-over time and without packet loss in case of failure. They have been developed in cooperation with NetModule.


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