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Industrial Automation

Automation/NetModule Router for automation - Industrial Automation

Industrial core requirements such as remote monitoring and controlling, alarms via SMS or E-Mail, remote debugging, remote maintenance and much more can easily be realized with NetModule routers without the need for additional devices.

Industrial standard interfaces and protocols such as Modbus, Canbus and many others are included and available.

The sandbox – a secure execution environment – and the software development kit (SDK) allow onboard pre-processing of I/O data and eliminate the need for a remote PC.

The Connectivity Suite, NetModule’s device management tool, ensures effective remote management.

Modbus Connectivity

Access to the Modbus infrastructure with NetModule devices. 

CANbus Interface

Get engine and automative data with NetModule devices.

Serial Device Server

Remote access to PLCs with the serial device server functionality.

USB Interface

 An USB interface for multiple purposes. 


Expand the NetModule device functionalities with the sandbox.

Modem Connectivity

Replace analog line based communication (PSTN) to remote stations with today’s IP Infrastructure.
No need for any changes to remote station – simply replace the existing modem with a NetModule NB1600 router.


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