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connectivity solutions for energy market


The energy market is in transition. More and more renewable energy, primarily from wind, solar and biogas plants, flows into the supply network. Production, transportation and selling of energy become more complex. New topics like Smart Grids and virtual power plants require intelligent solutions, which can be provided by NetModule. 

Solutions for Industrial IoT from NetModule

Industrial Internet of Things

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) will transform industries and open new markets. New levels of efficience and productivity will be reached by combining Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communication, connecting ecosystems, collaboration between humans and machines, industrial big data analytics, cyber security and automation. NetModule provides solutions for the fourth wave of industrial revolution.


In most cases, industrial assets are in remote hard-to-reach locations and sometimes spread around the world. NetModule routers easily connect to them all over the world using latest technologies like UMTS, LTE or LTE Advanced. NetModule routers bring additional value to the customer by offering access to remote sensors, I/Os or SCADA systems via industrial standard interfaces and protocols.


Transportation needs different applications like mobile communication, passenger entertainment, condition monitoring, digital signage or fleet management. NetModule offers solutions meetings these requirements.

Solution for Rail Market from NetModule


Rail transport has high demands on robustness and failure safety. NetModule offers a range of solutions that meet the special requirements like EN50155 & EN45545 certifications and IP65/IP67.

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