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Jan 13, 2014

Embedded World 2014

NetModule auf der Embedded World 2014: Halle 4, Stand 370


Jan 12, 2014

Router software released

Test the new online simulator for getting an impression about the rich featureset.


Feb 27, 2014

VxWorks 7 Released

Enabling the future of connected devices


Apr 4, 2014

CITE 2014 Shenzhen, China

NetModule Asia Limited exhibits on the China Information Technology Expo, Shenzhen, China, April 10-12, 2014


Mar 26, 2014

Evening Talks - My first Linux Target

Our specialists will share experience and best practice with you.


Apr 3, 2014


JESD204 High Speed Converter-to-FPGA Interface: Introduction and Field Report


Aug 12, 2014

Qt for Embedded Systems

Code less. Create more: Our expert opinion on this Qt slogan.


May 12, 2014

Railway Router TX certified

NB3700 NetModule Router family got EN50155 TX certification


Apr 10, 2014

Heartbleed Bug

NetModule Routers are not affected.


May 14, 2014

Router Software released

for the NB1600, NB2700 and NB3700 NetModule Router families.


Jul 1, 2014

Embedded Computing Conference

Join the two presentations of NetModule and visit out booth at the Embedded Computing Conference on July 1st in Winterthur


Jul 27, 2014

IEC 61850 Europe Exhibition and Networking Forum

Join NetModule in Prague and share your vision on PRP/HSR testing with our experts


Jul 1, 2014

VxWorks Reinvented

Is VxWorks 7 the RTOS that empowers your product to enter the Internet of Things (IoT)?


Jul 31, 2014

Router Software released

for the NB1600, NB2700 and NB3700 NetModule Router families


Aug 12, 2014

Autumn Agenda for Public Seminars

The agenda for our public seminars 2HY2014 have been released.


Aug 11, 2014

M2M Summit 20. und 21. Oktober

20. und 21. Oktober


Oct 24, 2014

SPS IPC Drives November 25-27

NetModule Routers in Hall 9-532


Jan 5, 2015

New Product Types NB2710 and NB3710

NetModule launches new product types NB2710 for vehicles and NB3710 for railways.


Mar 3, 2015

Visit us at the AsiaPacificRail 2015 31 Mar – 1 Apr., Hong Kong


Apr 14, 2015

C++: The future programming language for Embedded Systems?

Embedded Software Trainer K. Nieratschker analyzed pro&cons of the programming languages C and C++ in order to allow an objective discussion.


Mar 26, 2015

NetModule is GainSpan Design Partner

We are pleased to announce our collaboration with GainSpan.


Apr 15, 2015

NetModule Newsletter

Sign-up to the NetModule Newsletter


May 4, 2015

NetModule joins the ArchiTech Program

NetModule is proud to be a member of the SILICA ArchiTech Program


Aug 31, 2015

hi technology and industry expo

NetModule Routers in Denmark


Sep 1, 2015

IoT auf dem Bielersee - Schwimmende Mess-Bojen kommunizieren mit Wireless-Routern

New technical article


Sep 1, 2015

Sichere Kommunikation ermöglichen - Herausforderungen beim Fast- und Secure-Roaming für drahtlose Anwendungen im öffentlichen Nahverkehr

New technical article


Sep 11, 2015

High Tech Sponsoring

Bern Formula Student


Sep 16, 2015

WLAN im ÖPNV - Sensible Daten sicher tauschen

New technical article


Oct 1, 2015

Fast and secure roaming for wireless applications on public transport

New technical article


Oct 7, 2015

Passenger Wi-Fi in Augsburg

Unique service throughout Bayern


Nov 6, 2015

Digital Signage im Personennahverkehr

New technical article


Nov 24, 2015

New Success Story Online!

Success story REMTEC AG - Remote management


Jan 8, 2016

NetModule at Embedded World 2016

Visit NetModule at Embedded World 2016!
23. - 25. February 2016 - Hall 5/251


Jan 27, 2016

NetModule at IT-Trans 2016

Visit NetModule at IT-Trans 2016!
01. - 03. March 2016 / Stand A12


Feb 19, 2016

Vulnerability in glibc getaddrinfo CVE-2015-7547

NetModule Routers are not affected


Apr 7, 2016

NetModule Router Software Security Notice


Apr 13, 2016

Roadshow "WLAN in Bus und Strassenbahn

Stahl Computertechnik GmbH, in cooperation with NetModule and Sphinx, presents current trends and field-tested solutions for WiFi in public transport.


Jun 29, 2016

New Success Story online!

Success Story SWEG - WiFi for Passengers on the Ortenau-S-Bahn


Jul 27, 2016

NetModule at InnoTrans 2016

Visit NetModule at InnoTrans!
20. - 23. September 2016
Hall 4.1/502


Sep 27, 2016

Security Updates

Flaw in RFC 5961 and SWEET32


Oct 21, 2016

Cross Site Request Forgery

NetModule routers with hotsplots wifi portal solution are robust against CSRF attacks


Nov 8, 2016

New Success Story online!

Success Story SVG – Free WiFi in the Bus


Nov 30, 2016

Security Notice

NetModule routers are not affected by cyber attack on Telekom


Dec 23, 2016

LTE Advanced Available

NetModules NB2800 and NB3800 with LTE Advanced (Cat. 6)


Jan 16, 2017

S-Bahn Stuttgart WiFi Infoportal

enabled by NetModule


Jan 17, 2017

NetModule at embedded world 2017

You find us in hall 3 at booth 320. We look forward to your visit!


Feb 16, 2017

Member of the LoRa AllianceTM

We are developing the Internet of Things


Mar 3, 2017

NetModule at the HMI 2017

H27, Booth L40 (Joint booth


Mar 17, 2017

Innovation Award for Passenger WiFi

SWEG got Innovation Award for Passenger WiFi in trains and busses with NetModule Routers


May 29, 2017

Radio Equipment Directive (RE-D)

The European Commission points out that there will be still no restrictions on the purchase of electrical appliances as from summer 2017.


Aug 18, 2017

Product Discontinuation Notice

DC-HSPA+/UMTS/3G/GSM/2G Only Support


Aug 22, 2017

NetModule Wins Hamburger Hochbahn AG Contract

LTE Advanced Routers for the Entire Bus Fleet


Oct 17, 2017

WPA2 Vulnerabilites

NetModule Routers running in Access Point mode are not affected


Oct 31, 2017

NetModule at SPC IPC Drives 2017

Visit us in hall 6 at booth 140E!


Nov 27, 2017

Connectivity Suite

Modern platform enables web-based management of IoT/industrial routers


Dec 5, 2017

NB800 OEM platform for industrial IoT routers

Custom routers with LTE, WLAN, Bluetooth and Bluetooth LE


Jan 8, 2018

NetModule at embedded world 2018

Visit us in hall 3 at booth 320!


Jan 11, 2018

Security Notice

Information about Meltdown & Spectre


Feb 20, 2018

NetModule at IT-Trans 2018

You find us at booth H5. We look forward to your visit!


Mar 9, 2018

NetModule certified as official supplier of ZF Friedrichshafen

Wireless routers of NetModule are used in telematic solutions of OPENMATICS


Mar 23, 2018

NetModule at the World Metro & Light Rail Congress and Deutscher Nahverkehrstag

18. – 19.04.2018 at the Bilbao Exhibition Centre
24. – 26.04.2018 at Rhein-Mosel-Halle in Koblenz


Jul 3, 2018

NetModule celebrates its 20th anniversary

From no-name to industry leader

NetModule celebrates its 20th anniversary and at the same time establishes itself as the market leader for wireless routers for public transportation. Over the last five years, NetModule AG's company turnover has increased by almost 300 percent, starting at approx. 6 million in 2012. Last year almost 16 million € turnover was achieved, divided between the two markets of transportation and industry. At the same time, the team has grown from 34 (in 2012) to 55 employees.

"In the last five years we have clearly expanded our position in the public transportation market. Today we are one of the market leaders for vehicle routers, while we still see good potential for our wireless routers in the industry," says Jürgen Kern, CEO of the NetModule Group. Under his aegis, business characteristics have changed significantly: from pure service provider to product manufacturer. While the ratio between Professional Services and the product business was 90% to 10% 10 years ago, today it is more than the other way around. In its current business model, Professional Services are integrated into the product business and are primarily available for customer-specific product adaptations, e.g. for OEM products. The entry into the OEM business took place in 2017 together with the market launch of the NB800 industrial routers.

NetModule has evolved from a Swiss provider of embedded Professional Services for large customers to an internationally active company with routers for energy, IIoT, automation, road and rail traffic. Today, the NetModule Group with headquarters in Switzerland bundles NetModule GmbH in Germany, founded in 2005, the subsidiary NetModule Asia Ltd. in Hong Kong, established in 2011, and the subsidiary NetModule Australia PTY Ltd. in Sydney, Australia, founded in 2017.

While the headquarters in Switzerland mainly handles development, production control and administration, the German NetModule GmbH is the main revenue driver, initially < € 0.5 million and today around € 10 million, supported by local development and support. The Hong Kong branch provides support and monitoring of equipment manufacture by contract manufacturers in China. At the same time, Hong Kong serves as a location for sourcing in Asia and as a door opener to the Asian market in order to further advance the internationalization of the business. NetModule also maintains pathbreaking cooperations with leading large companies such as Alstom, Siemens, Philips, Bombardier, Phoenix Contact, Volkswagen, Mercedes and ZF Friedrichshafen.

"We will continue to see 'connectivity' as one of our focal points in the future. Especially the use of different transmission technologies in one device will gain in importance", says Jürgen Kern, CEO of NetModule Group. Data from sensors, for example, is transmitted using short-range radio technologies (ZigBee, BLE, etc.), which can then be recoded, pre-processed and forwarded to the Internet or cloud via mobile radio or WiFi. "Applications for eMobility and/or autonomous driving in the transportation sector also have a high demand for connectivity to the Internet and thus for corresponding communication devices - exactly NetModule's area of expertise.”

As a visionary from the very beginning, Jürgen Kern focused the company specifically on future technologies and markets. The modular embedded design was part of the portfolio from an early stage, in addition to services relating to complex FPGA design. In 2006, NetModule launched the Wireless Router Initiative - an important milestone in the company's development. With M2M applications in the fields of automation, industry and transportation, NetModule was a real pioneer at that time. When the Swiss already presented a preconfigured complete solution offer in 2009, they took a unique position in the market and positioned themselves as trendsetters. The first generation of wireless routers was designed for use in transportation and industry and enabled applications such as condition monitoring, remote access, e-ticketing, transmission of passenger information, and later passenger WLAN and infotainment, online video surveillance and asset tracking. Since then, the knowledge and experience gained has been continuously incorporated into ongoing developments.

Video interview (german):


Jul 10, 2018

NetModule at InnoTrans: Hall 4.1, booth 304

Certified NetModule Routers for “connected public transport”

Mobility is undergoing profound change: mobility needs are changing and digitisation and automation are opening up new possibilities - while demand continues to rise. NetModule presents its product range for connected public transport at InnoTrans at booth 304 in hall 4.1. The focus is on applications in the areas of PWLAN, infotainment, eMobility and condition monitoring:

PWLAN and infotainment for rail, road and stationary applications such as display boards, are enabled by the powerful NB2800 vehicle router with E-Mark for road applications or the EN 50155-compliant NB3800 railway router for trains or trams. All these routers are equipped with multiple LTE or LTE Advanced modules, thus providing the necessary connectivity. The compact NB800 and the new NB1800 with PoE are designed for stationary applications such as WiFi, display panels or cameras at bus stations.

OEM versions of the NB2800 vehicle router and the NB3000 rail router line are used for eMobility applications such as data transmission from electric vehicles (primarily trolleys or eTaxis), for example for battery monitoring and performance optimization or to network charging stations and buses. The robust devices all have numerous interfaces to the vehicle bus or to on-board electronics.

The compact NB2700 series for buses and NB3700 for trains and trams are specially designed for condition monitoring, the exchange of operating data between vehicle and control centre. They implement a continuous vehicle-floor connection by combining up to two LTEs.

NetModule's versatile wireless routers with E-Mark certification and compliance with the railway standard EN50155 are ideal communication solutions for use in road and rail vehicles. With multiple LTE or even LTE Advanced modules, integrated WLAN access point and internal storage up to one terabyte, they offer wireless Internet access and enable a wide variety of applications (including PWLAN, infotainment, e-ticketing and much more). Various interfaces to on-board electronics create the basis for remote maintenance and condition monitoring, and the vehicles can be located at any time using GNSS. All NetModule routers have a modular design, which enables an individual solution for each application.

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